Water Front Movie “Remix” Competition

Among the many community gems in The Water Front film is Joe L. Carter’s song, “Mr. Waterman.” Set in the background of the Highland Park residents’ fight against water shutoffs and high water bills, this little ditty captures the essence of troubled times in Michigan.

Filmmaker Liz Miller is hoping to reinvigorate this classic song by inviting songwriters, DJs, rappers, and other artists to take part in The Water Front Remix Competition. Using online software at RelabMusic.com, “you can add your own drums, a new bassline and even edit the vocals as you like.”

The winner will receive $400 and international acclaim for his or her work. A runner-up chosen by Facebook and MySpace voters will receive $100. Check out The Water Front Remix Competition site for more information!

Listen to “Mr. Waterman” by clicking on the link’s blue play button.

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