Don’t Allow Another “American Blackout”

With only 15 days before the elections, it’s time to remember some of the lessons from 2004 and 2000. During every Detroit election cycle, there are wide-scale complaints of ballot irregularities, voter fraud, ballot tampering, and polling site delays. Knowing this, we need to be more alert and more proactive in our vigilance to secure our voting rights. We must make it our personal responsibility not to allow voter disenfranchisement at our polling sites, in our absentee ballots, and across our communities!

American Blackout
, the 2006 film that captured and reported many of these national problems during the last Presidential election, is coming to Detroit. Make sure you see this film here or elsewhere across the country as it tours and reminds us of the calculated efforts to thwart our vote.

See American Blackout FREE in Detroit:
Monday, October 27, 6pm at Marygrove College (Madame Cadillac Hall, 8425 W. McNichols) RSVP; and
Wednesday, October 29, 12pm at Wayne State University Undergraduate Library (off Warren Ave/Anthony Wayne Dr), followed by a discussion

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See the American Blackout trailer:

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