Fight Home Foreclosures In Detroit…and Queens, NY

Everyday there are more tragic stories about home mortgage foreclosures. Democracy Now! reports that today at noon a woman with three children in Queens Village, NY, was scheduled to have her home auctioned after falling victim to predatory lending. This second blow to her family comes after the death of her Navy soldier son in Iraq just a few months ago.

Codepink called a press conference on the steps of the local county courthouse earlier today, and has started taking online donations to help this family keep their home. This house, in fact, is just a few blocks away from where Obama and McCain held their last debate on Wednesday night.

In Detroit, Michigan’s Moratorium Now is holding a rally to call a halt to home foreclosures in Detroit:

Demand that Mayor Cockrel Declare a ‘State of Economic Emergency’ in Detroit

Monday, Oct. 27, Noon
Gather at ‘Spirit of Detroit’
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (Woodward & Jefferson, Detroit)

* Interim Mayor Cockrel Must Appeal to the Governor to Impose a Halt to
* Demand Billions in Federal Funds Required to Address This Crisis.

For more information contact 313-319-0870.

SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION demanding the federal government implement an “Immediate Moratorium on Foreclosures and Evictions, NOW!”

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