“Can anyone really own water?”

That’s the premise behind, FLOW–an award-winning documentary that interviews scientists and activists alike about the growing water privatization crisis and the world’s dwindling fresh water supply. FLOW investigates the insidious $425 billion a year private water industry, and the short-sighted decisions by local governments and nations to sell their most basic and precious resource.

Like many others, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization believes water is a human right that no one has the right to profit from or own. In a region with nearly 20% of the world’s fresh surface water supply, we know the irony of what it means to be without water in Michigan. In Detroit and Highland Park alone, thousands of families have had their water shut off for days, months, and even years (see The Water Front film on Highland Park, and Detroit Water Dept Pickets). The conditions that these persons have lived under mirror those found in third world nations–yet politicians don’t want to tackle the tough questions of human rights, affordability, and infrastructure.

See FLOW‘s website for a list of cities where the film is screening along with more info on what you can do to protect this precious resource. Here’s the FLOW trailer:

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