“The Water Front” Film Great Lakes Tour

Water bills costing several thousand dollars…low-income people without water in their homes…a city taken over by the state…and all of this taking place in the U.S.!

“The Water Front” documents the story of residents in Highland Park, Michigan–a neighboring Detroit town once envied for its beautiful homes and streets, and heralded as the birthplace of Henry Ford’s automotive assembly line. Now it is a city on the verge of bankruptcy after the exodus of Ford Motor Company and Chrysler, and with a population unable to meet the costs of maintaining local services and needs.

This award-winning film by Liz Miller is touring the Great Lake states–30 cities (including east coast) and 40 universities–to bring attention to the plight of one community’s struggle with economic collapse and aging infrastructures, and the remarkable resolve of its residents.

For the tour schedule and more see Food and Water Watch or The Water Front website. The Water Front trailer:

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