Shipping Containers as Low-Income Housing

The shipping containers we’re used to seeing on the back of trucks and trains may be the latest solution to housing for the poor. A New Mexico company is testing the first models of container housing–converted steel import/export containers equipped with electricity and plumbing, and subdivided rooms.

PFNC (for Por Fin, Nuestra Casa or “Finally, a Home of Our Own”) began building these in response to the wretched housing conditions of Mexican workers near the border. Currently, each one sells for under $10,000 (with costs anticipated to be covered by employees and employers), sleeps 2-6 people; and includes a refrigerator, stove, and HVAC.

With major cities all across the U.S. stockpiling surplus shipping containers, this could be a viable housing option for homeless and poor people. See this walk through of the home:

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